Blast From the Past

Have you ever heard anyone argue that transgender people didn’t exist before the last 10 years, that it’s a fad?


Come to learn about transgender and otherwise gender bending people from ancient to modern day history including:

  • Queen Christina of Sweden
  • Chevalier d’Eon
  • Abel Barbin
  • We’wha
  • Lilie Elbe
  • Marsha P. Johnson

& more….

The family support group is occurring as usual led by Melina Rayna Barratt (

Small Business Fair

Hi Friends! We are very excited to be facilitating a business fair this month comprised of only trans owned businesses or those with trans employees. Some will be selling products there so bring cash or credit if interested. The businesses confirmed as of now are:

Valhalla Spa Organics selling personal care and beauty products made with sustainably farmed honey.

Florida School of Traditional Midwifery represented by midwife, Abigayl Fletcher.

Hancock-Smith Pediatric and Behavioral Health represented by licensed clinical psychologist, Anyaliese Hancock-Smith.

Legacy Jewels Boutique represented by Tayden Haile, and independent consultant of Paparazzi Jewelry. The company sells nickel and lead free jewelry.

Financial Educational Services Credit represented by Natalee Dupree.

Organic Lifestyles featuring Lemongrass Spa represented by Jerri Yagner.

Yoga with Jillian represented by Jillian Goldstein. Jillian offers themed kids yoga classes for private parties or businesses.

Hope to see you there!

Spa Day

Relax and rejuvenate ūüôā We’ll start with a 5 minute gender journey storytelling by one of our members and then slide into our spa day. In the main room at the Pride Center there will be materials for making your own sugar scrub, a themicure (manicure) station, plenty of games and representatives from the Academy for 5 Element Acupuncture offering information about their services . In a separate quieter room there will be 2 local massage therapists offering regular and Thai massage. Also, the family support group will be meeting with Melina as usual in a third room.

Name, Gender Marker Change Workshop


Have you been interested in beginning the process of legally changing your name or gender marker on legal documents but felt intimidated by all the paperwork? Simone Chriss, a lawyer from the Southern Legal Council (a¬†statewide not-for-profit public interest law firm that is committed to the ideal of equal justice for all and the attainment of basic human and civil rights) will be helping us walk through all the steps. You will be able to fill out all the paperwork that day with her guidance. What you will need to fill out the paperwork are¬†the addresses of all the places you’ve lived at – or as many as you can remember –¬† information about any criminal history, creditors judgments against you or any debt, and how much money and assets you own.

And of course we will also have snacks and drinks as usual and begin the meeting with a fun icebreaker.


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Costumes, food and games! The theme is Disney Zombie! Bring just yourself or wear a costume of your choice. We will be having a little contest at the end!

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Self-Narrate Workshop

Writing your story helps you process you experiences, create clarity for future decision-making, and understand your motivations. During this Tranquility meeting, Self Narrate Inc. Is leading a workshop designed to inspire trans people and allies to craft their stories and embrace power of storytelling to connect with others. We will be working together, in groups and individually for the full 2 hour workshop starting at 7 p.m. Time allowing, individual stories can be shared at the end or you may contact Tranquility with the opportunity to share yours during a future meeting. Sharing is completely optional. We all have a great story to share.


Transpeople of Color and Transpeople with Disabilities

Come join TranQuility as we host a panel discussion which seeks to provide a platform to Transpeople of color and Transpeople with disabilities to share their thoughts with the community! Being transgender can come with it’s own set of difficulties, and at this meeting we will explore how being a member of a minority group relates to individual experience with the transgender community.

*Family Support Group meeting time has changed to 7:00.

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